Area of Concentration: Evolution


Research Lines:

Systematics and Taxonomy

Elaboration of phylogenetic reconstruction hypotheses using morphological, behavioral and / or molecular data; description of animal taxa in the context of taxonomic reviews; processes in micro and macro evolution; cytogenetics, anatomy, morphology and ontogeny of organisms applied to systematics.


Research Lines:

Biogeography and Phylogeography

Origin and distribution of biodiversity; Biogeographical and phylogeographic studies using morphological and molecular information; historical biogeography; gene flow and molecular structure of populations.



Area of Concentration: Biodiversity and Conservation


Research Lines:

Applied Zoology

Application of ecological theories in the study of biological systems and their interactions with human activities; conservation and management of wildlife; modeling; bioproducts. Status of conservation and ecology of species and communities; genetics and zoogeography applied to conservation; study of populations and dynamics of ecosystems, aiming at the management and monitoring of fauna; ecology of animals of economic interest and monitoring.



Research Lines:

Animal Ecology

Maintenance of diversity and the role of fauna in the functioning of ecosystems; dynamics of animal communities; patterns of alpha and beta-diversity and its relation with environmental variables. Studies in autoecology of animal species; ecomorfophysiology and animal behavior; food and reproductive patterns and processes; Population structure and dynamics (demography, relations with the environment); ecological interactions; structure and organization of communities (diversity of species, functional and phylogenetic diversity, relationships with the environment); structure and landscape dynamics; structure and functioning of ecosystems (primary and secondary productivity, cycles of matter and energy flow).