Young Researcher’s Club

Researchers from the Goeldi Museum linked to PPGZOOL are collaborators of the Young Researcher's Club. This is an educational action that gives opportunities to the participants, the follow-up of research carried out in the Museum and the first contacts with scientific methods and techniques. Club meetings take place weekly, on defined days and at the beginning of the year, and various activities are carried out to develop the research. According to the theme of the group, field surveys and excursions to other environments can be carried out. Upon completion of the research, the materials will be prepared, which will be exhibited at the Clara Galvão Library to be used as resources for school research and other educational programs at the Museum. Annually 140 positions are offered, divided into seven groups with 20 seats each, for students previously enrolled and selected from interviews and group dynamics.


Contribution to PARFOR

Professors from UFPA linked to the Program contribute intensively to the National Plan for the Training of Basic Education Teachers (PARFOR-CAPES), providing classes to teachers of the public basic education network in the city of Belém and in several municipalities in the countryside of Pará.